Restricted formats

One of the things Ubuntu differs substantially from Debian is that it does not include MP3 support. The RestrictedFormats Wiki page explains why, and what to install to add support for all media formats available.

Gepersonaliseerde bankkaart

Binnenkort kan je bij Dexia en KBC je gepersonaliseerde bankkaart ontwerpen. Voor wie hoopt op een Baywatch babe, of het logo van Porsche op zijn bankkaart, komt van een kale reis terug : er zijn strenge regels waaraan het kaartontwerpen is onderworpen. In praktijk komt het erop neer dat je enkel je eigen digitale kiekjes mag gebruiken.

Niks belet om je eigen creativiteit bot te vieren; zo heeft WebPalet enkele mooie voorbeelden op internet geplaatst. Wie heeft ideeën voor andere kaarten ?

Bank Notes has different images of banknotes from all over the world. Get nostalgic while looking at some older non-Euro bank notes of the different European countries (eg Deutsche Mark, Belgian frank, and Dutch guilder).

Huge storms converge on Jupiter

The two biggest storms in the solar system are about to collide on Jupiter, in plain view of backyard telescopes. The Great Red Spot, and Oval B (aka Red Jr) are on a close encounter course around the 4th of July. There won't be a head-on collision, The Great Red Spot is not going to 'eat' Oval BA or anything like that. But the storms' outer bands will pass quite close to one another and no one knows exactly what will happen.

Storm #1 is the Great Red Spot, twice as wide as Earth itself, with winds blowing 350 mph. The behemoth has been spinning around Jupiter for hundreds of years. Storm #2 is Oval B, also known as "Red Jr.," a youngster of a storm only six years old. Compared to the Great Red Spot, Red Jr. is half-sized, able to swallow Earth merely once, but it blows just as hard as its older cousin.

Jupiter will be an interesting object to watch in the coming weeks. What will actually happen? We'll see, that's what telescopes are for.