Nexenta alfa5

Nexenta alfa release 0.5 has arrived. It is the first Nexenta release which supports Solaris zones. It uses debootstrap technology in conjunction with remote APT repository which simplifies *a lot* of Zone software management routines.

It is possible to pre-install fresh zone with custom software out of the APT repository. In this article you will see how apache gets pre-installed and pre-configured to operate in a newly created Nexenta Zone.

The Math atlas

The Math Atlas is a collection of short articles designed to provide an introduction to the areas of modern mathematics and pointers to further information, as well as answers to some common (or not!) questions. The material is arranged in a hierarchy of disciplines, each with its own index page ("blue pages"), showing you a starting point for a fascinating trip into math.

Music from the 80ties

The following site takes the blogosphere by storm : Music from the 80ties is a site where you can pick a video clip from your favourite 80ties band. Mind you, not every video clip is an official one : several are clips from a gig (like Wild Boys from Duran Duran).

Restricted formats

One of the things Ubuntu differs substantially from Debian is that it does not include MP3 support. The RestrictedFormats Wiki page explains why, and what to install to add support for all media formats available.

Gepersonaliseerde bankkaart

Binnenkort kan je bij Dexia en KBC je gepersonaliseerde bankkaart ontwerpen. Voor wie hoopt op een Baywatch babe, of het logo van Porsche op zijn bankkaart, komt van een kale reis terug : er zijn strenge regels waaraan het kaartontwerpen is onderworpen. In praktijk komt het erop neer dat je enkel je eigen digitale kiekjes mag gebruiken.

Niks belet om je eigen creativiteit bot te vieren; zo heeft WebPalet enkele mooie voorbeelden op internet geplaatst. Wie heeft ideeën voor andere kaarten ?