Zlotnian calculator

Congratulations ! By purchasing the Zlotnian Calculator, the official Digital Calculator of the Zlotnian Space Program, you have restored our faith in humanity. It has been designed to give you the 'best possible grip' on mathematics.

Pete Mon, 11/08/2010 - 02:17

Is there anywhere to purchase a Zlotnian Calculator? I have looked all over and can't find one anywhere?

Chunky bacon

As seen on Planet Grep : Chunky Bacon is the most daft introduction to Ruby I've ever seen.

London silly tube maps

Ever took the London tube at Castrate Angel station ? Or Queerer Elastics ? That are some of the names on the London Tube Anagram map, one of the many silly London tube maps on Geofftech.co.uk. But not all maps are humurous by nature : some maps indicate useful stuff for every London commuter : distance and timings between stations, or maps showing dotted walk lines between stations where less than 500 metres, and thus quicker to walk than to take the train between stations.

Mustang (JDK1.6) native GTK looks

Good riddance, Metal and Awt; this may boost Java applications, at least on Linux : the next version of Java (code name 'Mustang') will feature native GTK components for the Swing API.

Tuks Sat, 02/18/2006 - 21:39

geef mij maar SWT... das tzelfde voor windoos en linux... als ge een app wilt bouwen voor alleen gtk/gnome kunde makkelijk de bestaande java bindings gebruiken

Tattooed banana

The tattooed banana is the only site you will find dedicated to the emerging appreciation for banana art. Please enjoy the work, even the ones with the brown spots