Chess sets

I am thinking for some time now about building my own chess set, with some D&D figurines. The GamesWorkshop has many different interesting figurines, ranging from science fiction (check out the Tyranids) to fantasy (orks, goblins,...). I see that the Tolkien set has finally arrived.

Anyway, I was talking about building my own chess set; pity that GamesWorkshop figurines are so damned expensive, and I don't even talk about the painting hassle. I bumped into this site, which gives enough inspiration for themed chess sets, ranging from classical Greek to Egyptian styles.

Airline Meals

If you're not a frequent flyer like I am, you might be interested in airline meals. Are they as tasteless as frequent described ? gives you an answer to this question, even with a picture of one of the meals served in commercial airlines.


I was browsing the web for some Muslimgauze MP3's (no, they're almost impossible to find on Kazaa), when I stumbled on the website of NoiseIndex, a DJ in New York. There's a download section with lots of noise material. If you're a fan of Muslimgauze, Merzbow or dark ambient/industrial in general, you might download some of the extensive sound samples.

On the site is a link to the website of Maligant Records, which I know from some excellent noise samplers. I hope that the Miss TumorList 2001 election was a weird joke, though...

Also on the site are some links to goth and bondage/dominance clubs in NYC where NoiseIndex tends to play. Bondage is not really my cup of tea, though most of the clubs seem to offer a very interesting activity list.