Pebble Time Steel

A year ago I made the upgrade to a Pebble Time Steel. I really have fallen in love with the Pebble smartwatch, and Android Wear of the Apple iWatch were no valid candidates due to their shortcomings in battery life & user interfaces. The PTS upgrades the Pebble experience finally with a color screen (though the readability indoors is disappointing), and the smartwatch really looks like a watch now (Pebble OG looked like plastic toy). This thing survives nine days on a single charge which is one of the main advantages of Pebble hardware. I could never support a daily charge cycle on a smartwatch, which makes the Pebble Round (2 days on a charge) a no-go.

However, Pebble Time still has its drawbacks : it carries a large bezel (which is now addressed in Pebble Time 2), and the screen resolution remains far below Android/Apple competing devices.

The largest surprise was the Pebble Timeline in firmware 3.x : it carries your whole daily agenda on a glance within a single button press, and this has become one of the most pleasant features of the smartwatch.

bjorn monnens Tue, 09/06/2016 - 23:21

Hi Kristof,

I bought a pebble time steel pretty much for the same reasons as you mentioned (it is a watch and the basic requirement is that it can tell the time, if it only last 1 day it is pretty useless as a wacht ...). I've been using it for 6 months ...

I for one don't mind the large bezel or the lower resolution. For me the main purpose is to tell the time, notify me of important events. What I personally miss is the heart beat monitor. This would also be solved in version 2. I'm gonna wait on the reviews but will probably buy a the new version ones it comes out ... monitoring your heart rate on anomalies can't heart, right ...? :)

Thanks for sharing ... It was on my todo to post it on my personal blog as well. But that will be for a later time.