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Just wanted to point out that the command which is being run is actually `kwdb` (it is shown in the output). So the old `q4` simply runs kwdb:

# ll /usr/contrib/Q4/bin/q4
lrwxrwxrwx 1 bin bin 26 Jul 15 14:49 /usr/contrib/Q4/bin/q4 -> /usr/contrib/kwdb/bin/kwdb

`kwdb` combines some of the features of `wdb` (essentially GNU gdb modified by HP) with the old `q4` commands, together to make a full-featured kernel debugger. `kwdb` also supports Perl scripting.

Also, starting at version 11.31, HP added `livedump` which makes it possible to produce a full memory dump without actually panicing the system. And see the " /opt/sfm/tools/ " directory for `crashinfo` -- a live kernel stack trace tool, as well as `pstack`, its userspace counterpart, both included in 11.31. These tools provide a more convenient way to see what is happening in a live kernel.