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the source is provided on the pc.. if you look on the D partition as supplied you will find there a folder and if you explore you can get at all the kernel .config, kernel and drivers for the power cinema linux kernel designed for this system.

Not only do you get linux compatible but everything can be made to work by examining the stuff in this folder.. even the lcd i think. (ive only had this machine for 2 weeks and havent got to installing linux yet.. but i am going to and im sure it can all be supported.)

the wifi card is a ralink based card so linux drivers are available free and open (and its configured in the linux stuff thats included on the D partition again), the remote should even work as it does in power cinema linux (which is based off linux as mentioned earlier and boots from a special second power button on the left of the machine)

I will be updating my website with links to the medion info i collect as i go along installing linux on this over the next few weeks.