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How to build Xephem-3.7.1 on amd64


I just installed the latest Xephem-3.7.1 onto my debian amd64. The problem with the default deb package in the Debian repository is that the version is quite old, at 3.4.5. Unfortunately, building Xephem-3.7.1 isn't quite straightforward; here's a small howto to craft the binaries (no package, unfortunately) :

* download the source from the Xephem site
* unpack the tgz tarball
* create and run this script in the ./xephem-3.7.1 directory :

# Fix gcc flags
for i in libastro/Makefile libip/Makefile \ 
 libjpegd/Makefile liblilxml/Makefile GUI/xephem/Makefile ; 
  echo "Fixing CFLAGS in ${i}"
  sed -e "s~^CFLAGS[ ]*=\(.*\)-O2\(.*\)~CFLAGS= \1 \2 \ 
  ${CFLAGS}~" -i ${i} || die "sed failed"
sed -e 's~^CFLAGS[ ]*=\(.*\)$(CLDFLAGS)\(.*\)~CFLAGS=\1 \2~' \ 
  -i GUI/xephem/Makefile

* Remove the ./xephem-3.7.1/libXm/linux86 directory, as it contains 32bit libraries
* Create a symlink ./xephem-3.7.1/libXm/linux86 towards /usr/lib
* Install the lesstif2 and lesstif2-dev packages
* Build as described in the INSTALL file

That's it ! Copy your binary to /usr/bin, and you're ready to rumble.