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Installing Tivoli Storage Manager Server on Ubuntu Feisty


I recently installed Tivoli Storage Manager, also called TSM, on my Ubuntu Feisty PC. The installation needs some clarification :

a. first of all, IBM offers a Linux version of TSM, but in rpm format. You need to convert these to deb's with the alien command. Don't bother to convert the preinst and postinst scripts. After that, install tivsm-server, tivsm-license, and if you like the webadmin interface, tivsm-webadmin and tivsm-webhelp.

b. If you try to startup dsmserv, it will die with the following error :

ANR9999D dsmserv.c(642) Unable to open language en_US for message formatting.
ANR9999D dsmserv.c(650) Unable to open language AMENG for message formatting.

If you strace the dsmserv, you'll notice that it is looking after a dsmen_us.txt; simply symlink this file to the present dsmen_US.txt.

c. Next, you'll need to create and format the DB and log volumes; TSM wants these apparently present while using the format command, so create the files by :

# cd /opt/tivoli/tsm/server/bin
# mkdir volumes
# dd if=/dev/zero of=./volumes/dbvol.dsm bs=1024 count=16000
# dd if=/dev/zero of=./volumes/logvol.dsm bs=1024 count=16000
# ./dsmserv format 1 ./volumes/logvol.dsm 1 ./volumes/dbvol.dsm
Don't worry about the sizes, we'll replace them later with better suited sized volumes. Time to start the TSM server :
# ./dsmserv
That's it, your backup server should be up & running. Create an admin user, and test it by using the webadmin on port 1580 of the server. Set up the correct DB and log volumes, and start creating devclasses and such. Happy backupping.