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Seat information


If you're a frequent flyer, this might be handy : has a nice information page of SN Brussels Airlines & Thomas Cook Airlines, offering seat maps of their different airplane models. That way, you know immediately what seat you got, and if there's need to log in to the website to change seats.
The site also offers other pages, like Airline Meals alike, with some food information & pictures.


Sensible people don't fly "Brussels Airlines" (also known as Evil SABENA trying to polish their hopeless reputation) if they value their comfort and getting to their destination when they planned to do so.

I like to use

Usually I escape Belgium with BMI through LHR or Lufthansa through FRA. When it's cheaper to fly straight from LHR or FRA without feeding in from BRU, taking the Eurostar or the ICE saves a flight on a tiny airplane.