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Fast food : ads vs reality


Have you ever been tricked by ads for food ? I, for instance, vividly remember the day I walked into an English Subway, ordering a turkey sandwich, and receiving something horrible with several kinds of black greasy sausage slices. And everyone knows about the wafer-thin burgers you get in every burger restaurant. started with some real-life examples of this kind of food trickery. It features 100 pictures of junk food ads, accompagnied by a real-life example of the advertised goods. Needless to say, with a high WTF factor. If you don't feel like wading through 100 examples, head over to The Guardian, featuring a fine selection. Warning : not for the weak stomach.
If you're still hungry, check out some of the earliest pioneers in this trade, with some older examples of fine junkfood cuisine (including my Subway turkey sandwich).
Bon appetit.