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The new browser era


It's already some days since AOL cut the remaining Netscape staff, after AOL sold its soul to Microsoft. Some people call the firing of the Netscape crew the death of Netscape. It seems true, now that Internet Explorer has absolute control in website statistics. However, there are signs that something is terribly wrong with IE : IE6 is stone old, but IE7 will not be released within the next year. If you realise that most corporate desktops still offer IE5.5, you can count on it that IE7 will not reach your computer at work before 2005.

Ongoing writes the following : Today, the human experience of the Net stands at a crossroads, paths diverging into the future, and nobody knows which one we'll be on in a year. A lot of people who will read this have the chance to make a difference in the decision. Let's look at the options...

I'm quite certain that the FireBird and ThunderBird siblings of Mozilla will open a new browser competition : Mozilla as it is now, is simply too big to be used as a lean browser, certainly if you want to compare it against small browsers like Galeon, Opera, Camino and Safari. Debian is again light years ahead : AFAIK, it is the only distribution which has separate packages for the Mozilla components.

In the mean time, some people are watching Microsoft like a hawk.