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I had a few spare hours yesterday, so I decided to upgrade to (the beta version of) Ubuntu 10.4, called Lucid Lynx. The upgrade went quite smooth, but I can't say I was completely happy with the end result. As it's getting usual, a typical Ubuntu upgrade is becoming two steps backwards & 3 forward. There were quite some things broken after the upgrade :

  • no framebuffer with the new kernel. Fixed by upgrading to Grub2
  • Gnome 1 called and wants its GDM theme back. No, seriously, GDM looks so horrible that I'm wondering there's something wrong with my config
  • Some users got XFCE as a default window manager
  • The upgrade to Thunderbird 3 removed some of the SMTP server settings for all users.
  • The window control button placement is stupid (I know about the many discussions and the Canonical reasoning behind it, but still). Here's a guide how to place these buttons to the right place again.
  • There is no support any more for the NVidia drivers. I knew I would run into this, I had to downgrade the drivers already in Karmic, but this means bye-bye to Compiz.

Not all is teeth-gnashing :

  • Boot times are faster
  • Overall desktop feeling is faster and snappier
  • Fonts are displayed way better

So, mixed emotions with the upgrade. Hopefully there are some GDM changes before the release hits the road.


Lucid's hardware driver manager detected my Nvidia card fine and I installed the suggested drivers to get 3D support....

Hmm. Seems that I'm affected by this bug too...

Some of the bugs are solved now (well, it's still a beta after all) :

1. GDM theme has been repolished and should look better now
2. XFCE as a wm should be due to mtyhbuntu packages being erroneously installed.
3. The mount problem with LVM is being solved in updates of mountall.