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OpenSolaris 2010.05


Whoever thought that OpenSolaris was dead after the Oracle acquisition, might be wrong : OpenSolaris 2010.05 has been released with some important new features :

  • ZFS deduplication : I've always predicted that this would once become a default feature of file systems, and ZFS is the first to implement this
  • IPS : the new Image Packaging System : the reworked package manager for OpenSolaris, a big deal in bringing the legacy Solaris package management to a higher level
  • USB support for VirtualBox guests
  • Gnome 2.28

Update : seems that this was a link to a draft document.


The 2010.05 What's New info page was there yesterday when I looked, but isn't there anymore today. And the download wasn't there yesterday either...


first of all thank you for supporting OpenSolaris and trying to calm down the doubters.

But OpenSolaris 2010.05 has not been released yet. The What's New document you link to is a draft.

You can verify this by going to or by clicking the download link in the What's New document: The latest downloads still point to the 2009.06 release.

No need to worry, though, I'm confident that we will see the next version of OpenSolaris soon, we just need to wait a little bit longer.