The black hole recursion

One of the most important scientific discoveries of the last 2 years has shaken up the astronomical world : the fact that our universe keeps on expanding, and doing this on an increasing accelerating rate. The energy responsible for that expansion is now called dark energy. How strange as it may be, this model can be explained by a theory that allows universes to be contained into black holes.

The idea that our universe is entirely contained within a black hole provides answers to these problems and many more. It eliminates the notion of physically impossible singularities in our universe and it combines two central theories in physics.

The first is general relativity, the modern theory of gravity, which describes the universe at the largest scales. The second is quantum mechanics, which describes the universe at the smallest scales, such as the level of the atom. However, quantum mechanics and general relativity are currently separate theories; physicists have been striving to combine the two successfully into a single theory of "quantum gravity" to adequately describe important phenomena, including the behavior of subatomic particles in black holes. Using a new quark property called torsion, a new explanation about the big bang may be created.

If black holes contain universes, then the notion of a multiverse reappears : a universe that is truely infinite, and where everything is possible. In such a multiverse, there exists somewhere in space an identical copy of you reading an identical copy of this article at this very moment.