Galaxy Nexus

My HTC Desire has turned out to be such a great phone. I quickly rooted it and flashed some roms to play with. Leedroid-HD, RSK & AOKP were my favorites. Unfortunately, the Desire has one large drawback, and that's the limited internal storage. Sure, things like A2SD work like a charm, but slow down the phone considerably. Besides, with the arrival of ICS & JB, most custom roms center around CM and AOKP, & those do not include A2SD (or M2SD or whatever) by default. Upgrading your rom became quite a hassle then. Also, ICS introduced quite some instability issues on the Desire, with a flaky cam and absense of the FM radio support.

All those issues became far too annoying at a certain time, and when I saw the Galaxy Nexus at a bargain price, I decided to switch. This is a former Google Android flagship device, and my god, what impressive specs this thing carries. This thing is more powerful than my netbook ! The immense size of the screen alone : this is the first phone ever which felt large when first trying it. I've installed Paranoid Android on it : this rom is fit for the Galaxy Nexus as it optimizes its screen estate to the fullest. Running this in phablet mode, combined with Nova Launcher in a 6x5 raster, offers an immense playground.