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Debian Linux turning 10 years old


Debian GNU/Linux is celebrating its 10th birthday. Check debCONF for the birthday party nearest you! In case you're wondering what makes Debian so special, here''s a roundup of all special Debian things :

Debian's greatest achievement is creating a 100% free ( as in beer and free speech ), community supported GNU/Linux operating system, from an activist's point of view.

From a user's point of view, Debian's greatest achievement is having an "unstable" branch that is as stable as some other dist's releases, and of course apt-get, the wonderfull installation tool that is slowly being adopted by other distro's.

From a CS student's point of view, Debian's great achievement may be the package creation and management tools.

For sociologists, it may be the democratic nature of the project.

For me, it's simply that I get to use an OS that sucks less.


Two nice retrospectives of Debian's history : retro one and retro two