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Mozilla's week of glory


It has been a busy week for Mozilla's FTP servers, with new releases of Mozilla, FireBird and ThunderBird. The FireBird site even got a spiffy new look, but got retracted again because it apparantly reminded too many people of a Mexican airline site. If you're still not using Mozilla or FireBird, you really should give it a chance : it's a browser which hasn't more than 20 unpatched critical security holes and has popup and Flash blockers, and more than 100 extensions, which are the car spoilers of your browser.

The unpatched thing reminds me of my Win2K box : I once did a test between Linux and Win2K to see which one booted faster. Win2K beat my Linux box with 8 seconds, but then again my Win2K machine doesn't start up a web-, SSH-, SQL- and two X-servers, so the test was somewhat biased towards Win2K. In the craze of the Swen/Gibe madness, I patched the Winbox : it took me 6 reboots to bring the damned thing into a safe(r) state, and now it takes two to three times longer to boot.