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The new Debian-installer

Debian has a first look at the new debian-installer program, which will be used to install the next version of Debian 3.1 aka 'Sarge'. Still a bit of a shame that it is still a text-based installer, while all other Linux distributions are in graphical boot land, but hey, supporting 11 hardware platforms can't be easy, and the installation has allways worked for me... New & noteworthy stuff in the installer are a more extensive network setup, hardware autodetection and the choice between installing the release (stable, testing or unstable) of Debian.

Update : As it's getting near to a new release time for Debian, Adrian Bunk looks back critically towards the current progress made. Interesting quote :

Debian 3.0 contains 7 CDs with binaries and Debian 3.1 might contain 10 or more CDs.