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Zen Garden


I'm quite excited by this : there is a project called CSS ZenGarden. It's a collection of different stylesheets which modify the same content according to contributor's tastes and design abilities. There are few dozens of examples, and amongst them there is a Slashdot interface, albeit not a perfect copy as shows in the article.

You can view all the available CSS designs here []. Same content, different stylesheet. Just shows off all the wonderful things that's possible with CSS standards-based page creation.

Just in time now I'm in the process of hacking some PHP scripts of a collegue which are responsible for the creation and maintenance of a collaborative website, something in the middle of a Wiki and a small CMS. I wanted to give the new website a different look than the original one, and was wondering how I would attack this problem. I was already thinkering with style sheets, but now I have a clearer view how to divide content from layout.