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New Leathermans


Some time ago, I noticed that there has been released a new line of Leathermans (Leathermen ?), called Leatherman Juice (warning : Flash enabled). Most obvious detail is that the Juice line is brightly colored, whereas the traditional Leathermans are only available in metal and black. I own a Leatherman Flair myself, and I must say I especially fancy the CS4 'Glacier'.

\r\nFor those who would like to see more info on the Leatherman, check out this site. A Leatherman has allways been some sort of a system administrator status symbol, though many sysadmins prefer some other tool like the Gerber. Anyway, part of the mythical status of Leatherman is that it has a 25 year warranty. Not bad for something that most see as an improved Swiss army knife...