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Test drive


Tonight, I had a first real chance of testing my new gear. Despite mediocre conditions (damned high cirrus clouds !), I got a fair view on several winter objects :

  • M1 was dissapointing, but the Crab Nebula is a difficult object anyway : too faint, no real structures.
  • So I decided to start with something more easy : M37 is one of the most beautiful open clusters. A breathtakening sight with a 100 magnification.
  • NGC 2392 aka the Eskimo Nebula, is a ring nebula which dissolved nicely, with a good view on the central star.
  • The most surprising moment was the Lord of the Rings, Saturn. I got a splendid view through a 200 magnification. I even got a glimpse on 3 moons : Titan, Rhea and Japetus. The reddish color of Titan was clearly noticeable.