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Mozilla Firebird 0.8 is released, and oh, it's got a new name, again. The new name is Mozilla Firefox. The name change FAQ has the details, Ben Goodger and Steven Garrity and Jon Hicks have more details about the rebranding. So the name went from mozilla/browser, to m/b, to Phoenix, to Firebird, and now again to Firefox. Starts looking like a soap opera, I think...

What's worse, is that the Windows build is only available as a Windows installer. And that''s bad because a) my employer doesn't allow downloads of EXE files, and b) we don't have the authorisations to install software on our WindowsNT machines. Extracting a zipfile somewhere in a hidden directory, muffled away in the Windows directories wasn't a problem, but now I'm afraid I'm stuck with Firebird 0.7...

Update : there's a zipfile available on Wheeee !!!