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Mafia has a name, and it's called Scarlet


Don't bother to send me any emails for the next couple of days : my internet connection has been shut down and will remain so for the next two weeks. The reason for this is a mob gang called Scarlet. One month ago, someone claiming to be a Belgacom salesman, visited my house to sell cheaper internet and phone prices. Stupid as I was, I signed the documents, but later that evening I noticed that this wasn't a Belgacom affiliation, and that I had been deceived. I immediately called Scarlet to annulate the contract, but apparently in vain.
According to the Belgacom customer department I called this morning, I was the third customer calling this day for the same trickery, and that there were even people whose signature had been forged. Belgacom will restore the ADSL connection, but the paperwork could take up to 2 weeks....
Anyway, if you encounter a salesperson at your door, claiming to be from Belgacom, but his papers mention Scarlet, kick the guy out of your house. And kick him once again in the groin, with my regards.

Update : And we're back online. Pffeew...