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This is moon music.

-- Coil, Are You Shivering ?

I decided to follow Jef's advice and make myself a VIP member of AllOfMP3. I never liked online music shops in the past, because I find 1$ for a song ridiculously expensive. One euro for a full CD is more like my taste, and that's exactly the regular price on AllOfMP3. What's even more exciting, is that you can choose between different encoding formats (Ogg Vorbis !) and even encoding bitrates. Higher bitrates give you almost CD quality, but increase the size of the file to download, which increases your bandwidth usage.

What better way to celebrate this than with some news songs on my radio blog ? Click on the icon above, and a new pop-up will appear with this new playlist :

  • Wild Pain - And One (from ''Spot''). Since I have seen these guys on stage last weekend, I''m really excited about this band.
  • Fractalize - Clock DVA
  • Are you shivering - Coil (from the album 'Musick to Play in the Dark')