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Top12 2004


HUMO magazine has a regular column in which they interview someone for the 10 records which changed their lives. This got me on the idea of compiling a list with my 12 favourite songs of the last year. So far, I compiled this list of the past months. For every song, there's a story and a moodswing, but that's for later :

  • January [Sadness] : Wall of Sound, by Covenant
  • February [Hope] : Technoman, by And One
  • March [Party] : Merging Oceans, by Rotersand
  • April [Pain] : Care for You, by Wolfsheim
  • May [Recovery] : ?
  • June [Love] : Could It Be, by Hungry Lucy
  • July [Busy] : Love Parasite, by Fad Gadget

I'll place these songs on the Radio Blog entry when I find some time to convert these to Flash audio.