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A job that our storage boys had to implement for me extended deep into the night, so while I was waiting, I decided to upgrade my sparcDebian box to 2.6.7. My first attempt for a 2.6 kernel wasn''t much of a success : no framebuffer, X refused to start up and I noticed the keyboard refused to react. By trial and error, I found out that :

  • limiting the framebuffer support to Mach64 only fixed the framebuffer
  • removing the files in /etc/console fixed my keyboard
  • disabling preemptive support fixed some framebuffer problems

Ciaran McCreesh has some info about .config files for various Sparc machines which might be of interesest. And Google had some interesting tips about the XFree setup for kernel 2.6 too.

I have 2.6.7 up and running, but the mouse still refuses to work in X. If anyone has some tips...