My new toy is the Medion MD95000 PDA. It's nothing more than a rebuilt Mitac Mio 168, and the fun thing about it is that it has a GPS receiver built-in. The bundled GPS software also contains maps for biking and hiking, what's another surplus. Only a shame that Freeware software for Windows CE isn't as available as for the PalmOS.

The Mio 168 runs on Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC, utilizes an Intel XScale processor, and weighs in at a mere 147grams (5.2 ounces). The unit also offers 64MB of RAM and contains a 256 MB SD Card. A 16-bit TFT LCD display with LED backlighting offers up to 65,536 colors to make for clear viewing indoors and out.

kristof Thu, 01/12/2006 - 14:49

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Nieuwe kaarten ? Bedoel je memory kaarten, want da's gewoon SD. Vwb Navigon heb ik geen idee, ik heb die enkele maanden geleden eraf gezwierd en vervangen door Tomtom5.