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Drupal 4.6.1


I just upgraded the Drupal engine to version 4.6.1. The upgrade process was cumbersome, awkward, non-trivial and difficult to say at least. It seems that Drupal suffers from the same upgrade disease as PostNuke does : the first time, the upgrade died on the database upgrade. Luckily, I did had a backup of the database and the website, so reverting the upgrade was no problem. I performed the upgrade then on a local copy, which learned me how to upgrade properly. There are some problems left, especially with the taxonomy_image module, but that's for later.


Taxonomy_image isn't yet supported in 4.6.1, AFAIK. There's something going on to support this in the core of Drupal (still CVS though) : have a look at

There's a patch available for the xtemplate file at in the pending features for the taxonomy_image module.

Thanx, guys.

I used the patch on the /themes/engines/xtemplate/xtemplate.engine file. Works like a charm !