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Animal farm


Our neighbours are on holiday, and left us with the important task of taking care of their animals. That is : including three sheeps, a dog and 4 chickens. Not all that difficult, except that some of the chickens prefer to take a trip around the neighbourhood. I really don't know how those hens manage to break out from their fenced home, but they sure like to take a holiday themselves.

An advantage of this all is that we may keep the hens eggs, which means that we have some 11 eggs lying around in the fridge. Time to make a giant cake, I guess...


So Kristof, that's good to know; Give me ring when you have your cake with you at the office...
call me at nr. 52640

Hehe; Dirk, wanneer ik een stuk meebreng, zal ik je verwittigen ;)

14 eggs in the fridge and counting !
Neighbours, please come back ;)