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The printer curse


I don't know what I have with printers, or better : what printers have against me. All the deskjet printers I had, never kept up longer than two years. So the last printer I got, was a second-hand HP laser printer, which would last longer, I hoped than its predecessors. Vain hope, it seemed : after two years, this one also died.
So now I decided to buy a new laser printer, a Samsung ML-1610. I wonder how long I will be able to use this baby...

Installing a printer under Linux has become a breeze - relatively spoken - with CUPS : the printer wasn't available in the default CUPS list, but a search on revealed a ML-1710 driver, which I copied to /usr/share/cups/model/. Works great.


I bought the same printer recently, and the driver CD-ROM that comes with it includes linux (CUPS) drivers. AFAIK the "GDI" driver for CUPS, like you used, works fine with almost any Samsung LED printer.

BTW: I bought a laser printer for the first time because my previous experiences with inkjet printers were not exactly good (i.e. output quality degrading severely after about 1 year).

Well, the laser printer came with a CDROM with even a Linux installer (!), but that seemed to be a dynamically linked glibc2.1 binary with drivers for (don't panic) Caldera 3, Redhat 6 and some SuSE version. But these refused to start from CDROM, and when I copied the directory to /tmp, and ran it from there, the binary segfaulted...