The "Oh my God, they killed Python, you bastards!" release.

Uwe Hermann posted a funny read about the funny release names he found in his Debian system :

nice -n 19 find /usr/share/doc -name changelog.Debian.gz -exec zgrep "\* The .* [Rr]elease" {} \; | sort | uniq | bogosort -n | head -40

* The "Crack-smoking Squirrel" release.
* The "I should not have got out of bed yesterday" release
* The "Wohoo-we-are-going-to-main" release.
* The "And I thought IE had security bugs!" release.
* The "I speak better English than this villian Bush" release.
* The "Let's do it cleaner" release.
* The "Fuck Me Harder" release.
* The "What's my name? Say my name, bitch!" release.
* The 'DOH!' release.
* The "Follow the white rabbit" Release.
* The "someone should take my compiler away from me" release
* The "Chainsaw Psycho" release.
* The "Perl Sucks" release.
* The "I fucking hate libtool" release.
* The 'No, I don't use CVS' release.
* The "This Space Intentionally Left Blank" Release
* The "Lesbian Seagull" release.
* The "Oh my God, they killed Python, you bastards!" release.
* The "Suddenly the Dungeon collapses!! - You die..." release

Champions of funny release names are the GDM maintainers :
* the "Nose poking" release
* the "George deserves a spanking!" release
* the "SuperLate(tm)" release
* the "Who needs 256 bits" release
* ... etc...