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Ubuntu 6.10, aka Edgy Eft, has been released this week. Time to upgrade, and indeed, as the most comments say, Edgy starts up quite quickly, thanks to the new upstart init replacement. Edgy also contains - to my surprise - the recently released Firefox 2, which contains spell checking as I see while I'm typing this blog post. No excuse for typos any more :)

I'm a bit surprised that I had to manually change the Ubuntu release to edgy in /etc/apt/sources.list; with the upgrade to Dapper, I remembered the update-manager detected this automatically.

Other goodies : Ubuntu 6.10 server edition is now also available for Sparc.


Okay, here are some comments about this Edgy post :

- first of all, Sparc support was already available in Dapper. This is new to me though, cause it means I can replace my b0rken SparcDebian install on the Ultra-10 with Ubuntu.

- if you want update-manager to upgrade your system, run 'gksu update-manager -c'

update-manager didn't update to 6.10 because 6.06 is a LTS
(it's in the release notes)