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Drupal 5.0 migration


Most of the modules that I used in Drupal 4.6 have been upgraded at this moment. For the taxonomy_image module, I have to modify the Garland stylesheet yet. Has anyone done this already ? A patch would be nice.

However, the spam module doesn't seem 5.0 ready yet, which is quite annoying, as Drupal is quite easily spammable. As I don't feel like cleaning up the comment section every day, I have switched to captcha's. The captcha module offers a choice between text images and arithmetic questions which is kinda cool. There's seems to be some problems with text images, so I have to burden your arithmetic capabilities somehow ;)


Just testing the captcha module...

I managed to insert the taxonomy_images by simply following the 4.x taxonomy_image procedure :

a. Modify the function _phptemplate_variables in the template.php to return taxonomy_images
b. Modify the node.tpl.php script with the print $taxonomy_images[0] call