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Feisty upgrade trouble


I'm writing this on my newly upgraded Feisty, but boy, did this upgrade took some problems ! First of all, the update-manager crashed after some time during the install of the packages. So I switched to good old 'apt-get dist-upgrade'-'apt-get -f install' combinations which finally got things less or more straight.

After reboot, I got the usplash screen; when my disk kept on rambling, I knew there was big trouble. Getting rid of the usplash logo was easy, and it seemed that udev was causing lots of trouble. The combination with evms and lvm seemed fatal, causing the system only to boot partially into single user. I got even kernel crashes when I disabled evms. Eventually switching to Edgy's kernel version, and getting rid of lvm and evms alltogether finally let me into the realm of runlevel 3. After that, all was easy : switching to linux-2.6.20, re-enabling AIGLX and beryl, and lo and behold, Ubuntu Feisty in all its glory.

Most troublesome dist-upgrade *ever*