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Gnome-splash trouble


I got some trouble this evening while trying to log in : the gnome-splash window showed me 10 metacity icons, and stopped loading the session. Only a gnome-failsafe would get me into Gnome. Time to browse the website. Isn't it a horror to get decent search results in there ? It took me 20 minutes before I gave up, went to, and located the error in the gnome-session section within 3 minutes. Ditching my ~/.gnome2/session file solved my problem. Ahh, the quality of products from a bunch of anarchic open-source hackers... Ubuntu, please get some sanity into your BTS !

Same thing for beryl. The project is coding and forking faster than it crashes on my system, and there is only a forum here and there to look for whimpy suggestions of users without any developper confirmation for the proposed solutions.
After several minutes to some hours, Beryl locks up my computer completely. I suspect however that Nvidia is to blame here, maybe in combination with some memory or video card problem. Changing some settings in the advanced settings panel doesn't solve anything. If I choose metacity however as window decorator, the problem is gone.
I'm trying now heliodor, as window decorator instead of metacity. If this on fails, there's no other solution than quit using beryl altogether. Oh no, not the eye candy! Not the precious candy !