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Compiz Fusion


Compiz and Beryl, the 2 Linux graphical environments, are merging into one project, containing the plugin set “Compiz Extras” and the window manager core independent parts of the “Beryl” project. Compiz Fusion is the result. I installed the first release onto my Ubuntu desktop; lots and lots of new eye candy, of which the most important seem to me :

- Desktop Expo : View all desktops at a glance and move windows between them with a beautiful reflective effect.
- Mouse Switch : switch viewports by scrolling on the desktop
- Mouse gestures
- Shift Switcher : switch between windows in a Vista like style or in a Cover Flow style with a cool reflection effect.

However, all of my Windows have a solid black shadow, so I still have the impression that Compiz Fusion still is plagued with unwanted NVidia side effects.


However, all of my Windows have a solid black shadow

This can be solved by running

emerald --replace &

after the compiz command

Yeah, but emerald is a lot crash prone. It freezes my computer within the hour. However, heliodor is much more stable. And you can start heliodor with compiz :

compiz -c heliodor --replace