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VOIP on the Nokia n80

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As the Nokia N80 has VOIP support, I was eager to test this out. So I first tried setting this up with Ekiga, but got stuck. Apparently, there are some problems using Ekiga with the N80, so I switched to Gizmo, which is included in the Download section on the phone. Gizmo is easy to setup : starting the program, it will fire up the WAP browser, redirecting you to the Gizmo website where you can create your account. Your internet telephone number will be assigned to you, along with a userid and password, which you can define then in the Gizmo plugin. After that, you can login on the Gizmo network, where you're available to internet calls.

I tried then to use Ekiga again, to see if I can make a PC-to-phone call. Create a new account in Ekiga with the following data :

Acc. Name: Gizmo
User: 123456789 (your SIP number assigned to your gizmo user)
Pass: yourpass
Auth. User: 123456789 (your SIP number again)
Time: 3600

Now to call any Gizmo user just use:
The sound isn't the same quality you get from a Gizmo client, but if that's due to a wrong setup in Ekiga, or an incompatibility between Ekiga and Gizmo, is yet unknown.

Of course, this is only regular telephony; if you want to make video calls over the internet, you better use some messenger software. But that's a test for later.