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AIX university, Amsterdam 2007


Last week I spent in Amsterdam, visiting the AIX university congress of IBM, which dealt with new stuff on AIX (AIX 6 !) and the Power architecture. There were some sessions about Linux, but they mainly dealt with Linux running in AIX LPARs. Some sessions dealt with TSM, and one indicated how to deal with performance issues of TSM on AIX. Very interesting stuff. The good thing is that I'm now a TSM certified engineer : I passed the TSM 5.4 Administration exam with little or no preparation, which is great.

Amsterdam is a lovely city, just be careful not to be hit-and-run by the thousand bicycles whizzing by. The only bad thing was the time when I ordered an Amstel malt bear, only to find out it was alcohol-free. How it tasted ? Think about a disgusting cocktail of bad beer and apple juice. On the other hand, I left Amsterdam just in time before I got addicted to peanut butter :)