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Metainit : no such file or directory


Solaris Disksuite is quite straightforward, but the error messages it spews are sometimes beyond comprehension. I was about to create a concat of 3 LUNs when I encountered this error :

# metainit d200 3 1 c0t1d97s0 1 c0t1d98s0 1 c0t1d99s0
metainit: eriador: d200: No such file or directory

It seems that the limit on metadevices is in the configuration file /kernel/drv/md.conf I had to change the "nmd" parameter from 128 to 200 to give me enough metadevices for my configuration, that is, if I wanted to keep the d200 naming (Changing kernel driver files requires a reboot, too).

The simplest solution here was to choose a lower number for the concat metadevice :

# metainit d70 3 1 c0t1d97s0 1 c0t1d98s0 1 c0t1d99s0
d70: Concat/Stripe is setup



I haven't these kind of issue on Solaris 10, I had it for first time on Solaris 8...

It worked for me as well... Thanks for sharing this issue.

I have also changed the nmd parameter from 128 to 200 but the problem still exit

Plz help