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dvd-slideshow : unknown file type 'raw'


The dvd-slideshow command takes a series of pictures, and transforms it into a mpg stream. You can add subtitles, transitions and music. However, the version in Ubuntu is quite old, and generates quite some problems :

[dvd-slideshow] see [dvd-slideshow] No audio files passed.  Using 0:1:0.000 silence.
[dvd-slideshow] Working on track 1 audio file 0
[dvd-slideshow] silence
[dvd-slideshow] Creating silence audio file for 0:1:0.000
sox soxio: Failed reading '/dev/zero': unknown file type 'raw'
[dvd-slideshow] This audio plays in slideshow from 0:0:0.000 to 0:1:0.000
[dvd-slideshow] ###############
[dvd-slideshow] Concatenating all audio files...
cat: /home/gerben/dvd-slideshow_temp_13985/audio1_????.raw: No such file or directory
sox soxio: Failed reading '-': unknown file type 'raw'
[dvd-slideshow] Creating ac3 audio...
[dvd-slideshow] ERROR during ffmpeg execution!

To get the package working, first upgrade to the latest version. The dvd-slideshow homepage offers a .deb version which installs nicely on Hardy.

Secondly, dvd-slideshow repeatedly calls "sox -t raw" in various ways. My understanding is that this line will fail unless libsox-fmt-sndfile is installed.

And last : change the /usr/bin/dvd-slideshow shellscript as follows :

- ffmpeg -i "$tmpdir/audio1.wav" -y -vn -ab $audio_bitrate -acodec ac3 -ar $audio_sample_rate -ac 6 "$tmpdir/audio1.ac3" >> "$outdir/$logfile" 2>&1
+ ffmpeg -i "$tmpdir/audio1.wav" -y -vn -ab ${audio_bitrate}k -acodec ac3 -ar $audio_sample_rate -ac 6 "$tmpdir/audio1.ac3" >> "$outdir/$logfile" 2>&1

Also, change all occurences of audio_bitrate like this






I would like to say thank you because i had stay on this bug during two days.
And that is running on ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron with sox and this command -mpeg2enc. Because the version of ffmpeg on hardy have some bugs.

That is another problem of dvd-slideshow

You saved me a lot of trouble. Thanks!

I should add that I found the above did not work in Ubuntu 8.04 unless a dependency problem in sox is corrected. See below bug report:

For me saydate does not not work without installing the additional packages libsox-fmt-base and libsox-fmt-oss. Without those two packages, the output is:

sox soxio: Failed reading `-': unknown file type `ul'

After installing libsox-fmt-base it changes to:

sox raw: '-': sample rate not specified; trying 8kHz
sox raw: '-': # channels not specified; trying mono
sox soxio: Failed writing `/dev/dsp': unknown file type `ossdsp'

It is not until adding libsox-fmt-oss is installed, too, saytime works. Same problem for saytime (see bug 232290)

Using Ubuntu 8.04.