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Heavier gear


My current 20cm Helios Dobson telescope is now over 4 years old,and has been a true eye-opener since I upgraded from my old 114mm telescope. It offered a crystal clear view at deep-sky objects, and thanks to the high-quality finder scope, finding objects has never been that easy.

However, I recently discovered that my regular astro-shop decided to stop its astronomical activities, and thus offering its last stock on dumping prices. This computerized Orion SkyQuest Intelliscope XT10 was too beautiful to resist. It's a 25cm (10 inch) Dobson scope which is a nice upgrade from my current scope. As a bonus, it includes a laser collimator, in order to keep the telescope calibrated, and a Intelliscope Object Locator, which is a small keypad based device, which attaches to the base of the scope. It offers an easy way to locate objects by simply choosing one from a 14000-object database, and tells you how much you need to turn the scope.

Unfortunately, using the scope will be for later : we're experiencing a typical Belgian summer, which means that it has been raining for weeks...