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I noticed on the web that Ubuntu 8.10 was available, but found it weird that update-manager didn't warned me about this available upgrade. Turns out that the default set-up for Hardy is to subscribe to LTS upgrades only. Weird choice of Canonical... Modifying the sources list through System > Admin > Software Sources > Updates, and selecting the 'Normal Releases' entry enabled the upgrade through update-manager.

On my desktop, the upgrade went without a hiccup, but I got more trouble on my laptop : I copied alot of the files in /var/cache/apt/archives to my laptop, which was a no-no apparently for the upgrade to perform decently. Update-manager decided that the upgrade consisted of 3 packages, which I only noticed after I pressed the 'Continue' button. After this 'upgrade', update-manager was completely foobarred, so I had to switch to apt-get dist-upgrade cycles to get things working again. But in the end, everything went fine from there.

I started the upgrade on my eeePC also, but had to create an extra logical volume on the 16GB media in order to give the upgrade the 1.5GB space it required.

Intrepid is booting way slower than its predecessor, but in the general use, is feeling faster than Hardy.


I hit a bug on the eeePC, where the wireless driver doesn't work any more after the upgrade. You'll find the solution here.

Another problem on the eee, is that the disk space is really beginning to pose problems. I hit the 97% barrier during the upgrade, so any tips on how to free some disk space are welcome.

Buy the Eee PC 901 Linux, this one has an SSD of 20GB (compared to the 12GB of the Windows version).

I have the 20GB edition (actually 4+16). But I installed the OS onto the 4GB SSD drive, which is way too small. I removed lots of stuff now, like OO, evolution, etc... But that leaves only 20% free space. A reinstall with everything into LVM (and an additional 8GB SD card) should do the trick, I guess...