An Idiot's Guide to Neural Networks

If you use the 'Search' option on your browser to look for articles on Neural Networks or "Connectionism" (which is another name for the same subject), you will find a great many sites explaining what they are and how they work. Unfortunately, they all seem to be written by mathematicians, all of whom speak Double Dutch. This is fine, providing you speak fluent higher mathematics, but when I wanted to find out how they worked, I looked from a programmer's point of view. What if I really wanted to find program source code, would I find any? Here, the idiots guide to neural networks comes to aid.


There's nothing more startling than rising from your lazy couch at evening dusk, and seeing a hot air balloon landing in the field behind your garden. This baby, marked with advertisement from a technology education center in Mechelen (100m from my work !), dumped itself in a corn meadow. 5 minutes later, the companion car arrived and the great folding could begin.
Mark the dark spot above the ballon in the picture. Even at higher resolution, I have no idea if this is a bird (maybe a bit large, no ?), a blow of hot air, or a piece of venting sail from the balloon.

Solar foil

I purchased recently some solar foil; it's the best way to observe the sun safely : ocular solar filter are just unsafe, because of the high temperatures it receives by all the concentrated sunlight in your telescope. Solar projection is rather awkward to take pictures.

Solar foil reduces the sunlight to 0.000 01 percent of its strength, which gives nice pictures like the inset here. Unfortunately the sun surface is quite boring the last days : not a single tiny sunspot in sight.