Funny things seen in source code

At the top of a particularly convoluted and otherwise completely uncommented code:

// Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

The wiki has a page with all the funny and weird stuff that can be found in source code.

Seen on Slash

The time that I read Slashdots comments is long gone. There's just too much noise, even with a +5 filter. In the case you really want to read the best ./ comments, head over to Seen on Slash, which accumulates the most relevant comments.

The Moscow underground

The Moscow underground is renowned for its majestic splender, take a look for yourself. Check out Unrealised Moscow too, for a look on some of Stalinists' taste in architecture from the 1930s to the early 1950s. Although, ultimately, neither of these projects was realised, the plans submitted by the participants had a noticeable influence on the development of Moscow. Considered today, it is clear that the best examples of this architecture, most of which never got beyond the drawing board, are more profound and interesting than the ideological norms within the constraints of which they were devised.

TW Classic 2006

TW Classic is over, and judging by the number of visitors (over 50 000), this years edition was a great success. With bands like Simple Minds, Arsenal and Sting, the line-up surely was way better than last year.

Only two things were annoying :
- the food was way less varied than the previous years (eg no chinese stuff this time)
- the stench that surrounded the festival area was immense. Whether this was due to the large number of visitors, or to the last week's 80 000 people visiting Rock Werchter is unknown.