The "Oh my God, they killed Python, you bastards!" release.

Uwe Hermann posted a funny read about the funny release names he found in his Debian system :

nice -n 19 find /usr/share/doc -name changelog.Debian.gz -exec zgrep "\* The .* [Rr]elease" {} \; | sort | uniq | bogosort -n | head -40

* The "Crack-smoking Squirrel" release.
* The "I should not have got out of bed yesterday" release
* The "Wohoo-we-are-going-to-main" release.
* The "And I thought IE had security bugs!" release.
* The "I speak better English than this villian Bush" release.
* The "Let's do it cleaner" release.
* The "Fuck Me Harder" release.
* The "What's my name? Say my name, bitch!" release.
* The 'DOH!' release.
* The "Follow the white rabbit" Release.
* The "someone should take my compiler away from me" release
* The "Chainsaw Psycho" release.
* The "Perl Sucks" release.
* The "I fucking hate libtool" release.
* The 'No, I don't use CVS' release.
* The "This Space Intentionally Left Blank" Release
* The "Lesbian Seagull" release.
* The "Oh my God, they killed Python, you bastards!" release.
* The "Suddenly the Dungeon collapses!! - You die..." release

Champions of funny release names are the GDM maintainers :
* the "Nose poking" release
* the "George deserves a spanking!" release
* the "SuperLate(tm)" release
* the "Who needs 256 bits" release
* ... etc...

Way too high on the Dilbert scale

Question : how do you know the company you work in scores way too high on the Dilbert scale ?

Answer : when you change from working team, you loose every privilege you had access-like, and then it takes *two* weeks until everything is normal again. My new PC even didn't contain SSH, for gods sake.
Bah !

Ten Tech Items Inspired by Science Fiction has a list of 652 devices and concepts which were introduced in science fiction novels, some of which have "come true". The most famous of all is of course the communicator in Star Trek, which was the predecessor of our mobile phone.
Here's a short overview of the most famous ones in this Google answers thread, with several links to the Technovelgy site.


Nothing's more irritating than failing hardware : what's the use of having a RAID 0+1 setup in your dedicated firewall box at home, when the disks refuse to boot from. I could mount them with a Knoppix live CD, but restoring the bootsector gave me the weirdest errors in Grub and Lilo. As I didn't had that much time handy, I finally decided to install Guarddog, a personal firewall, on my desktop and to initiate the ADSL call from that machine.

Time to start looking for a integrated router/firewall/access point.

florisla Wed, 04/12/2006 - 07:44

Take a look at the Asus WL-500G deluxe. It runs Linux and it has a usb 2.0 port (printer, hub, storage, webcam, ...)

No worries... in Down Under

We have returned from Australia as the target country for our honeymoon trip. 3600 km from Sydney to Port Douglas along the east coast, with a short stop in Hong Kong on the way back :

Sydney, Port Stephens, Lamington Nat. Park, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Surfers' Paradise, Fraser Island, Whitsundays, Eungella Nat. Park, Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Nat. Park were the highlights.

Lots of friendly people, furry animals, and sunshine. Have a look at some of our pictures (mostly landscapes, though).