Paper Tux

there is no such thing as too many cubicle toys- make your very own paper Tux.

Schrödinger's cat

I recently wiped out my Ubuntu install on my netbook, and reinstalled it with the current beta of Fedora 19. It's a wonderfull deep dive into the desktop world of Red Hat/Fedora after 12 years of Debian & Ubuntu. And boy, is this bleeding edge : Linux 3.9, Gnome 3.8, ... The installer worked as a charm, and everything on my netbook is supported. As previously said, I really like gnome-shell but I do notice some usabililty regression versus Gnome 3.4 on my Debian stable.

There are still a few rough edges in this beta, like broken package dependancies, but I expect this to be resolved with the official release tomorrow.

Nikon D3200

My old Canon PowerShot S3 has been faithfully serving about +11000 pictures for me, but the last year I noticed more and more noise on my pictures. Probably a sign that the CCD chip was wearing out. I really enjoyed the 12x optical Zeiss lens, but the 6 megapixel was really in need for an upgrade.

So I decided to look to the other side, and shop for a Nikon camera. Enter the D3200. I'm by no means a professional photographer, but I allways wanted to try out a DSLR camera. The thing came with a modest 18-55mm lens, which felt a bit shortcoming after my 6-72mm lens on the Canon. A new 55-300mm tele fixes that nicely, but boy, portability seems not an issue with those kind of cameras. Feels like I'm walking around with a mini bazooka or what !

Red Hat summit 2013, Boston

I visited the Red Hat summit in Boston lately. Two and a half days of sessions about the latest and greatest of RHEL and the multiverse of software around it. I really like it, though 2.5 days is way too short in order to have the opportunity to see all interesting sessions. Most sessions even didn't have a second edition, so chosing when to see what was a real challenge. I must say I really like the Red Hat summit Android and IOS apps which offered a nice agenda/messaging interface. First convention also where I exclusively used a tablet instead of a netbook, which is really recommended.

Some time was left to visit the nice city of Boston, and do some shopping ;)