Fosdem 2010

The 10th edition of Fosdem was quite crowdy, even in that degree that even the larger rooms were completely filled. In the AW building, some sessions had to disallow people in order to prevent security problems. One might suggest another campus for future editions...
Just like last year, lots of cloud-based talks, and also remarkble, lots of talks about cross-distro management. Anyhow, this is my track :

  1. Cloudlets, universal server images for the cloud
  2. apt-get for Android
  3. Cross-distro packaging with (top)git
  4. Large scale data analysis made easy with Apache Hadoop
  5. Scaling Facebook with Open Source tools
  6. Continuous packaging with
  7. Debian secrets : power tools for power users

Also, in a stunning breach with traditions, I decided not to buy a Debian t-shirt, but a Gnome one instead...


 $ wget
--2010-02-07 19:06:09--
Connecting to||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 301 Moved Permanently
Location: [following]

After the official news of the approval by the EU, things changed fast. Since then, the website officially points to Lights out for Sun, the same for Solaris ?

Milky Way transit


Feeling lost in our galaxy ? Take the Milky Way transit authority map and find the nearest exit to Sagittarius A !

Linux support for the Lexmark X1250 printer/scanner


Sweet ! I was about to install drivers in a Windows7 virtualbox for my el-cheapo Lexmark X1250 printer/scanner, when the Sane dialog popped up on my Linux desktop when I switched on the power. I decided to have a quick look if it was supported under Linux (without much hope, I must say), when I stumbled on this page with detailled instructions. I didn't had to copy the libsane shared lib, so eventually, the scanner was supported with the following instructions :

and voila ! Scanning time...



Redshift. Cause a monitor at night is no fun.


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