Box of Silk and Dogs


After a search of nearly 2 years, I finally found a rare and limited edition (250 copies throughout Europe) of Muslimgauze's Box of Silk and Dogs. Staggering and gorgeous (also heavy), this set of previously unreleased material from the (sadly missed) late Bryn Jones has been housed in a quad-fold package which contains a total of nine CDs. Yes, kids, you're reading it right : a box containing 9 (!) CDs.

The outside is heavy black pressboard with simply the title and "by Muslimgauze" in black/white print. Unfold the 4 flaps and you have a 24 inch wide display of 9 CDs and backing photo of 2 shrouded people with rifles (the artwork on the CDs help make up the picture). 3 of the 4 panels have foam knobs for 3 CDs apiece and the 2nd panel from the right is where a short biography, limited edition discography and subscription/future releases info resides. Underneath each CD is the CD title, track listing and various pictures of Middle Eastern females. As usual per Staalplaat release, the artwork/packaging is superb.

It's hard to decribe what kind of music Muslimgauze really is : kinda like western electronic music, with eastern samples layered on top of it. But why don't you check it out yourself : this site has a taste of (legally !) downloadable Muslimgauze music.

Chess sets


I am thinking for some time now about building my own chess set, with some D&D figurines. The GamesWorkshop has many different interesting figurines, ranging from science fiction (check out the Tyranids) to fantasy (orks, goblins,...). I see that the Tolkien set has finally arrived.

Anyway, I was talking about building my own chess set; pity that GamesWorkshop figurines are so damned expensive, and I don't even talk about the painting hassle. I bumped into this site, which gives enough inspiration for themed chess sets, ranging from classical Greek to Egyptian styles.

Airline Meals


If you're not a frequent flyer like I am, you might be interested in airline meals. Are they as tasteless as frequent described ? gives you an answer to this question, even with a picture of one of the meals served in commercial airlines.



18 Argon

Trapped inside glass tubes
glowing filaments slumber--
idle argon waits.

While searching for Mendelev tables, I found the Periodic table of Haiku, with a poem dedicated for each element. There are more alternative periodic tables, such as the periodic table of Rock, and the periodic table of mathematicians.



I was browsing the web for some Muslimgauze MP3's (no, they're almost impossible to find on Kazaa), when I stumbled on the website of NoiseIndex, a DJ in New York. There's a download section with lots of noise material. If you're a fan of Muslimgauze, Merzbow or dark ambient/industrial in general, you might download some of the extensive sound samples.

On the site is a link to the website of Maligant Records, which I know from some excellent noise samplers. I hope that the Miss TumorList 2001 election was a weird joke, though...

Also on the site are some links to goth and bondage/dominance clubs in NYC where NoiseIndex tends to play. Bondage is not really my cup of tea, though most of the clubs seem to offer a very interesting activity list.


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