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Screw the iPhone ! I thought about waiting untill the device was available in Belgium, but
a. it will be insanely expensive
b. it will be sold out immediately

So I was looking around for a device that had some of the same functionalities. It had to replace my MP3 player too, contain a camera, and offer WiFi access. Enter the Nokia N80 Internet Edition, a smartphone featuring WiFi 802.11a/b/g, UMTS, SIP, uPnP, Bluetooth and infrared. How's that for connectivity ? Other features are FM radio, MP3 player and a 3 mp camera. With some luck it might even replace my GPS PDA. I'm using the device now for 3 days, and I'm impressed. The screen is of excellent quality and the WiFi browser (based on KHTML) is a bliss;

Only disadvantages that I see are :
a. slider is weak; sometimes the phone unslides while in my pocket or in its case. It would be nice if the back cover for the battery would be fitted more thightly, too.
b. the 720mAh battery could be better; I expect this to improve the next couple of days. Now I have to reload the battery every 1.5 days, but I used the phone *very* intensively the previous days.

Does anyone know a good Symbian software site ? The software stack seems smaller than for WinCE, and that one I even found small, certainly in comparison with PalmOS.


Welcome to the club.

A few sites to check:
Tweakers Gathering (Dutch)

Btw: their are some power tweaks:
- set phone to GSM only
- standby mode
- switch off bt

Hieronder de codes die je kan gebruiken in de Gsm :

• *#7370# geeft een harde reset
• *#0000# geeft de software versie
• *#06# imeinummer
• *#2820# geeft het Bluetooth MAC adres
• *#62209526# geeft het WLAN MAC adres
• *#92702689# geeft een timer weer voor gesprekken.

Here's a link to some great themes :

Nokia offers free upgrade utility for N80.
Backup your device settings first (and contacts) and upgrade it to the latest firmware.
Warning: Upgrade will take about an hour or so and needs the phone to be fully charged. In addition you need an live internet connection to download the new firmware (about 70 MB)!

Nokia also offers the latest PC Suite Software for free

My phone was extremely slow once... Not responding to key presses (for long time). Missing calls the phone didn-t ringed at all and other strange behaviour.
The problem caused by the memory card.
The solution was formating the card

The maximum supported card capacity is 2GB.
I have tested this (I have a 2GB memory card to my phone) and works like a charm.
I have about 200 tracks on my card, lots of videos and photos, and still have free space !!!

If you just want to change the wallpaper, just cut out an image of 352x416, and place it on your phone.